The Independent Turf & Ornamental Distributors Association
  Member Benefits - Overview

ITODA Membership Benefits
Create Opportunities For Your Business

The Independent Turf and Ornamental Distributors Association (ITODA) was formed in 1990 to foster the trade, commerce, and interests of those independently-owned businesses engaged in the business of servicing and marketing products for the turf and ornamental landscaping industries. In achieving our goals, ITODA presents a united front to manufacturers, customers, and other independents, along with a strong sense of environmental responsibility. Our hope is to bring together distributors and manufacturers in a true business partnership, recognizing all philosophies of manufacturers and suppliers to find the common ground that enhances our mutual prosperity.


ITODA provides a unique setting for interaction between industry peers in one-on-one and group settings. It allows independent distributors, industry suppliers, and manufacturers the opportunity to exchange information within a non-competitive environment where everyone understands and appreciates the issues at a similar level. ITODA also allows you to become known and seen as an industry leader.

Staying in Touch with the Industry

Receive news through ITODA emailed bulletins that are sent when information demands a quick response. The ITODA website ( shares information within the industry and about the industry with the world. As a member, your logo and contact information have a place among the other leaders in the industry and your email address and website are linked for easy access.

Communication Tools help members make connections with each other and with potential customers.

Continuing Education

ITODA has been acknowledged as the primary educational resource for independent distributors. With its biannual Industry Forums and other training sessions, participants learn skills to build sales and better manage their businesses. These educational programs bring together the most progressive independent distributors and their suppliers to create an industry brain trust.

For Owners and Senior Management

Conferences are held each June and October for owners and senior management focusing on new concepts and techniques that can improve your business and your ability to succeed. These educational programs bring together the most progressive independent distributors and their suppliers to create an industry brain trust. The Summer Industry Forum in June is limited to independent distributors for an intimate group size with informal discussions that bring out issues that might not otherwise be addressed and allow for group problem solving. The October meeting includes suppliers and manufacturers with a program that is relevant to all participants.

And Employees – Your most valuable asset

The ITODA Training Institute – Institute programs are high impact, specialized training that isn’t available anywhere else. The initial programs are focusing on sales training that is designed by turf and ornamental professionals to meet the specific needs of sales people in this industry. Cost effective program design keeps registration fees reasonable.