The Independent Turf & Ornamental Distributors Association
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ITODA Members Benefit from these
Communication Tools

The ITODA Logo

Membership in ITODA symbolizes the values of your business and is an essential part of establishing your company brand. The ITODA logo is a sign of the important role its members play in the advancement of excellence among independent turf and ornamental distributors and the long-term expansion of the green industry. Members are encouraged to display the ITODA logo proudly.


Members can put the ITODA name in front of customers when they are on the “show” and meeting circuit. Every member should be an ITODA ambassador, and using “We Support ITODA” signs help start conversations about ITODA. That opens the door for members to tell people how their company and ITODA promote excellence in the industry.


Click on the links below to download the "Member of ITODA" logo in JPG and EPS file formats.